5th Degree Black Belt, Owner and Head Instructor for all locations.

 Mr. Alan has been practicing martial arts for over 30 years, when he and his daughter began training together under former FBI Agent, Ward Billings.  Through the years, he has also trained in boxing, Shotokan karate, and Jiu Jitsu.  He also began practicing yoga in 2013, and has found it a wonderful addition to his martial arts training.  

 Alan cofounded Kicks Martial Arts in 2008 with his daughter, Abbey Masner.  Alan has owned 5 Kicks Martial Arts schools in 3 states, with 3 schools currently operating in Florida, Missouri, and Arkansas.  

 Mr. Alan is gifted at teaching both adults and young children, and also has a passion for sharing his passion of healthy eating and lifestyle with all who come to kicks. 

 When he isn’t sharing his passion for martial arts with both kids and adults, Mr. Alan can be found paddleboarding and spending as much time as possible with his grandkids, Charlotte Rainn and Gunner. 


1st Degree Black Belt, Lil’ Kickers Instructor, Kennett and Blytheville.

Mrs. Ginny has been practicing martial arts for over 25 years, when she began training with her husband and daughter. She was also a teacher in the public school system for 30 years, and has spent her life working with children at school, church, and in the Kicks Martial Arts schools. She specializes in teaching 3–10 year-olds, with very high energy classes where she teaches in a loving and fun yet disciplined manner. 

As in every class at Kicks, she values incorporating important life skills such as perseverance, integrity, courage, patience, focus, and respect.  She prides herself on encouraging children, and also loves to help children, including children with special learning needs, to feel confident and empowered by the skills they learn.

She is the Gigi of two adorable grandchildren, Charlotte Rainn and Gunner Behr, who also love martial arts. When she isn’t teaching martial arts, Mrs. Ginny can be found leading children’s choir at her church, as her Christian faith is extremely important to her.