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“We love Kicks Martial Arts, Santa Rosa Beach location!!! Our 2 children, Lydia Dean- recommended Black Belt (10 years old) and Landon Chase, brown belt (8 years old), started in 2018. We’ve learned many life long lessons there, from how to defend ourselves, obedience, greater listening skills, true meaning of respect, and even healthy food choices. They have gained a lot of confidence, which has made them into young leaders in their other sports and academics. We are involved in several other extracurricular activities but make karate a high priority because it truly does impact our daily lives for the better.
I assist Mr. Alan with class warm-ups and stretching. I am currently studying to be a black belt, as well. I greatly enjoy learning karate with our children and the other ninjas. Our goal is to have all 3 of us become a black belt by the time they finish elementary school. We are making choices that will greatly impact all of our futures.
We HIGHLY recommend for you to join us!!!”

Laura Hillman

Santa Rosa Beach, FL

“Kicks is an awesome place to learn! Mr. Alan and Mrs. Ginny do such a great job teaching martial arts to everyone who comes to the studio. They take the time to make sure that the students understand the basics and fundamentals, and show patience and care for all of their students, from 2 to senior citizens.

It’s never too late to learn something new. I started learning Taekwondo last year, in my upper 30s, and I have learned quite a bit. This would not be possible without caring and patient instructors. Taking up Taekwondo has been one of the greatest blessings in my adult life!”

Henry Andrews

Kennett, MO

“We have been at Kicks Martial Arts Blytheville with Ginny and Alan for several months. We love their program. They are fantastic people, truly one of a kind. You can always feel love when you walk in the school. Zane has learned so much about karate and life with them. They have taken us as family and treat our children like their own. You can tell that it is genuine love. I see why they have been in business so long, because they are true professionals and love what they do, pouring into children and leading by example. Zane is very active throughout the year but we always make sure to put his karate lesson as top priority because he has grown so much with Kicks and their team.”

Zach Logan

Blytheville, AR

“My 8 year old son started with Kicks Martial Arts about a year and a half ago. We started him in martial arts for exercise, coordination, focus, confidence and self defense. What a great decision. During the last 18 months, our son has come to the aid of not one, but now, two children who were experiencing bullying. One at school, another at a recent Halloween event. We are so proud of him and thankful for Kicks Martial Arts and what our son has learned!
Thank you, Mr Alan!!”

Charles Mayes

Santa Rosa Beach, FL

“We really enjoy Kicks Martial Arts in Kennett. Gerry enjoys the classes and every aspect of the experience. Not only is Gerry becoming more physically fit, we have also witnessed him becoming more mature. His teachers at school have also mentioned that they see great improvement in Gerry’s maturity and conduct in school. He hopes to become a black belt.”

Karen Crane

Kennett, MO

“My 4 year old son went to Kicks for several months. There he learned how to follow simple directions and engage with others his age in a group setting. Mrs. Ginny and Mr. Alan are the most caring people and really know how to grasp the little ones’ attention. Their class is fun for kids and also builds confidence and teaches good character through many different activities. At Kicks, you always feel welcomed and accepted.”

Savannah Shumate

Kennett, MO

“Kicks Martial Arts has been the most positive experience for my daughter, who is now a 2nd degree black belt. They teach respect and responsibility on all levels. The owners and instructors are a positive influence on my child in karate class and outside of class, as well.”

Brooke Harris

Kennett, MO

“My name is Patty Harris, and I have been a member of Kicks Martial Arts since 2004. I started classes when my grandson Brice was in class. The classes are good exercise, teach self control, and have been fun and rewarding. After I earned my 2 nd Degree Black Belt, I started teaching Lil’ Kickers, and I enjoy teaching the little ones!.”

Patty Harris

Kennett, MO

“Thank you for teaching our children amazing discipline and skills beyond our scope. We deeply appreciate you!”

Brooks and Lisa McKinley

Santa Rosa Beach, FL

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